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The College of Medicine and the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences are located at the UCF Health Sciences Campus at Lake Nona. The medical school is an integral part of a new medical city where future doctors will train in close proximity to world-class partners.

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There are many benefits to taking a more proactive approach to choosing a career. The College of Medicine has curriculum and programs to help you land your next opportunity.

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UCF is Protecting Public Health

Renowned biomedical researchers like Salvador Almagro-Moreno study the evolution of human pathogens to help prevent future pandemics.

Can microbiology predict the next pandemic?

Salvador Almagro-Moreno

UCF Professor Travels to Israel for Fulbright Specialist Award
The global exchange honor provides College of Community Innovation and Education Professor Su-I Hou an opportunity to share and expand her research on healthy aging.
Health & Medicine
UCF Researcher Exploring Long-term Effects of COVID-19 in Diabetics
Dinender Singla theorizes that some diabetic patients who were infected with COVID-19 may have developed a different cellular composition in their blood compared to diabetic patients…
Health & Medicine
What Happens if Your Medical Records Are Incomplete?
UCF Associate Professor Varadraj Gurupurr created an algorithm that can predict and measure the incompleteness of electronic health records —  from your lab results to disease…

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