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Out-of-this-world college degrees

Looking forward to an exciting career in a STEM field? UCF has more than 210 degree programs in 13 colleges, plus a talented team of faculty and staff to help find what’s right for you. Whatever your passion — from engineering to the arts — we’ll put you on the path to success.


Think astronauts and engineers are the only ones who make an impact on the space industry? Think again. Earning a degree in the arts, business and hospitality, as well as engineering and science, can help you make a giant leap toward a career that bridges the gap between the humanities and space technology.

“So much progress is being made in space, and students are in a position now where they can really create the future.”

— Professor Joshua Colwell

A Next-generation Research University

The University of Central Florida was born in 1963, just as NASA was getting ready to do the impossible — send astronauts to the moon. Educating students with unrelenting curiosity and the drive to turn big dreams into reality is a core UCF mission. Through programs in planetary sciences, aerospace engineering, and modeling and simulation, we are educating today’s students to create the innovations that are fueling NASA’s and private industry’s deep space missions to Mars and beyond. And we’re just getting started.






National Merit Scholars
(Most in Florida)


Students Graduate Debt-free


School for placing graduates in Aerospace Industry jobs


NASA grants to the university

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Thirteen colleges. Unlimited possibilities.

At UCF, being big means you have more options. Check out our 220+ degree programs, award-winning faculty, groundbreaking research and exciting opportunities — there’s so much to experience and learn at Florida’s largest university.

ballerina performing on ucf stage
Arts and Humanities
male and female professionals walking and talking outside of ucf building
ucf burnett honors college horse statue
Burnett Honors
female ucf student sitting at table and looking at little girl smiling and sitting next to her
Community Innovation and Education
two male ucf students working in engineering lab
Engineering and Computer Science
male and female ucf students working out at college of health professions and sciences
Health Professions and Sciences
from left to right: two males, one femal, one male, all wearing white lab coats in medical laboratory
female ucf student from the college of nursing
closeup of female's face while working intensely in optics and photonics lab
Optics and Photonics
exterior photo of ucf's rosen college of hospitality management
Rosen College of Hospitality Management
loggerhead sea turtle swimming underwater
male ucf student looking at microscope in lab
Graduate Studies
male and female ucf students in white lab coats working in a lab
Undergraduate Studies