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IGNITE the Future of UCF

Faculty and students make a university great. Research and education — in turn — help make our society a better place for everyone. But what is the spark that ignites it all?

For UCF, it started when 89 donors came forward with a $1 million donation to secure the land that is now home to one of our nation’s largest universities. Philanthropy is the spark that created UCF, and now we have embarked on an unprecedented campaign to raise $500 million.

UCF is challenging long-held assumptions about the role and scope of public higher education. We believe success can only happen when we expand opportunity and demand excellence. And with philanthropic support, we are poised to emerge as a new category of university, uniquely suited to meet the challenges and pursue the opportunities of our rapidly-changing world.

Will you help ignite the future?

Ignite Tomorrow - Today. Give Now.

Glenn Hubbard

“I like to tell other alumni that UCF is your school forever. We all need to keep taking care of our school because I know that no matter where I am, I still belong to UCF.”

R. Glenn Hubbard, ’79, Dean of Finance and Economics at Columbia Business School


Once a Knight, Always a Knight

Strength in Numbers

More than 125,000 UCF alumni live and work in the Central Florida region, but it isn’t the only region in which we’re represented. Our alumni are our brand ambassadors, boosting UCF’s reputation nationwide.

UCF alumni form a vast network of working professionals. Together, we engage in community service, offer scholarships and provide discounts on services and tickets to games and cultural events. Visit the UCF Alumni website to start making alumni resources your own.

Philanthropic donations from alumni, friends, community and charitable organizations enrich academic programs, help purchase equipment and allow UCF to continue to offer special opportunities to students and faculty. Contact the UCF Foundation for giving opportunities.

Upcoming Alumni Events

Up Next

Put that UCF degree to work and test your knowledge of past events, pop culture and random facts at our monthly Trivia Knight! This month, we will be gathering at Mister Days Sports Bar in Arlington for District Trivia's Thursday…

Looking Ahead

Pegasus Magazine

Pegasus, the official magazine of the University of Central Florida, is published three times a year and mailed to more than 230,000 alumni, students, faculty and members of our community.

Fall 2017

Featured Story

In Their Words

Since 2010, the UCF history department has been collecting stories of veterans living in the Central Florida area. Here is part of the rich legacy they'’re preserving.

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Summer 2017

Featured Story

Pegasus Takes Flight

Pegasus, the UCF symbol, soars among the stars in a new mural by local artist Boy Kong.

Spring 2017

Featured Story

Monsters in the Closet

UCF’s Bug Closet holds more than half a million specimens and countless tales of stranger-than-fiction beetles, butterflies and wasps that help weave our wondrous environmental web.

Fall 2016

Featured Story

Helpers and Healers

Not surprisingly, of the thousands of people who responded after Pulse, many have a UCF connection. Here, in their words, are their stories.

Summer 2016

Featured Story

Where to Next?

With research expanding throughout our solar system and beyond, the human race is on the cusp of a new Space Age. We turned to UCF scientists to reveal what space exploration will look like in the future.