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Every Dollar Amplifies UCF’s Impact

At UCF, we’re committed to opening doors and removing obstacles. We’re creating a culture of access, inclusion and achievement. We empower students of all backgrounds to rise to their potential and achieve their dreams.

You — our alumni, supporters and friends — also play a vital role in making a difference. Each dollar invested in UCF impacts lives and fuels discovery. Your generosity unlocks potential and inspires excellence. It expands access to higher education while keeping it affordable. Our resources are finite, but with your support we can keep reaching for the stars.

UCF Alumni

Find events and Knights near you, update your contact info, get career advice or transcripts. We’re here for you.

Resources for You

Why Support UCF?

Giving impacts the lives of current and future Knights. Your generosity unlocks potential and inspires excellence. It expands access to higher education and helps make it affordable. Let’s join together to improve the quality of life for today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.

graduate walking across stage in official UCF regalia

You Believe in the Power of Higher Education

Earning a college degree transforms lives. It shapes the future — career opportunities, aspirations, community engagement and so much more. When you believe in students, they begin to believe in themselves. Take the opportunity to impact students of all backgrounds and share in their excitement of promise and possibility as they embark on their journey at UCF and beyond.
Show Your Support

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You Want to Help Others Achieve a Degree

Affordability is key for many students when enrolling in and completing their college degree. Many students balance work and classes and some often support their families while navigating being the first in their family to attend college. Your support can make a difference in helping them stay focused on their studies and earn a degree. It can create positive change for generations.
Contribute to Student Scholarships

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You’re Grateful for Your UCF Experience

Think back to your time at UCF — the experiences that helped define who you are today. Think about faculty that inspired you, classmates who became lifelong friends and your love for all things black and gold. When you give back, you’re supporting the university’s continued success. Plus, it helps UCF garner national recognition and increases the value of your degree. A better UCF not only benefits today’s and tomorrow’s students; it benefits yesterday’s, too.
Give Back to your College

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You Want to Leave a Lasting Mark on Our Community

UCF helps propel the Central Florida community forward. Your gift supports both new and current programs, cutting-edge research, as well as innovative academic tools and resources that spur discoveries and economic development. Each of these contributes to a successful society. As our region continues to grow and expand, you can help ensure that students receive the quality training and education needed to be the talented workforce that will shape the future of business in Central Florida and beyond.
It’s Your Legacy: Donate Now

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You Reap the Benefits of Charitable Contributions

One of the benefits to giving is that you receive something in return. You’re providing an opportunity for a better future and positive change. It’s a wonderful feeling. You’ll also have an opportunity to reap what you sow through tax benefits. By supporting your favorite area at UCF, you’ll receive a tax break for your generosity.
Make a Tax Deductible Donation Today

Kristina Merritt

Kristina Merritt ’12

“I found my voice and my passion for philanthropy through UCF and the student organizations I was involved in. If it wasn’t for my parents, the Florida Bright Futures Program and UCF Scholarships, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Merritt was a first-generation college student and was named to UCF Alumni’s 2020 class of 30 under 30.

Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson ’11

“I benefited from the wisdom and encouragement of several mentors during my time at UCF. I knew I wanted to do the same for future UCF students.”

Simpson established an endowed scholarship for future President’s Leadership Council students.

Where the Money Goes

Help fund student scholarships. Give back to your academic college. Show your spirit through the athletic fund. No matter your reason for giving, we have a number of opportunities that you can contribute to. Support an area that’s most meaningful to you.

Student Scholarships

Help remove financial barriers to achieving a degree. Student scholarships make it possible for students to continue their education when they may not otherwise be able to afford it.

Academic Colleges

Put your gift to work by supporting one of our 13 colleges. Ensure students have an engaging and exciting learning environment that drives their ambition and passion.

Campus Facilities

Meet the needs of a growing Knight population. Your gift will build a strong foundation for our future, including state-of-the-art facilities that fuel imagination to do great things.

Student Experience

Promote student involvement on- and off-campus. With 650+ student clubs and organizations, you can support experiences from career-focused clubs to life-changing trips.

Knights Athletics

Celebrate the momentum that our athletics teams have built. With your continued support, the best is yet to come. Keep student athletes charging on — inside and outside of class.

UCF Alumni

With more than 368,000 alumni, Knights make the world a better place. Stay connected with your community of alumni wherever you are. From volunteering to professional development to social events, there are plenty of ways to get involved. We’re excited to meet you!

Strength in Numbers

As Knights, we’re thinkers, doers and leaders. And with regional chapters and clubs spread out across the country, you’re never far from others who share the same love for UCF that you do. Whether you’re interested in fun events, fulfilling opportunities or a mix of both, UCF Alumni has all the resources you’ll need.

Make new friends and catch up with old ones. Discover ways to stay connected with classmates and your alma mater by visiting the UCF Alumni website UCF Alumni website — because once a Knight, always a Knight.

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Upcoming Alumni Events

Up Next

UCF Alumni Book ClubVirtual Book DiscussionThe Berry Pickers by Amanda Peters Tuesday, June 257-8 p.m.Zoom Join us as we discuss the 2024 Book Madness Winner The Berry Pickers by Amanda Peters! Questions? Contact us at 

Looking Ahead

Pegasus Magazine

Pegasus, the official magazine of the University of Central Florida, is published two times a year and brings exciting, engaging stories of faculty excellence, student success and outcomes, and alumni achievements.

Spring 2024 Featured Story Helping Hands

For a decade, UCF-based nonprofit Limbitless Solutions has transformed kids’ lives through bionic limbs. 

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Fall 2023 Featured Story The Rise of SpaceU

Founded to help fuel talent for the nearby space industry, UCF continues to build its reputation as SpaceU. Here's a look at the early days of UCF's space ties and journey to new frontiers.

Spring 2023 Featured Story The New Era of Simulation

UCF faculty are leading the way for the evolution of virtual worlds with digital twin.

Fall 2022 Featured Story Our Brains on Food

What we feed our bodies not only affects our physical appearance but our brains and cognition, as well. A growing body of research shows diets rich in whole foods and plant-based foods increases our wit and decreases our risk of disease.

Spring 2022 Featured Story More Than Words

UCF’s Communication Disorders Clinic provides essential training for its graduate students and critical services to the local community. 

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