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Research, Partnerships and Innovation

UCF researchers drive intellectual capital and innovation to solve today’s most pressing problems. As a metropolitan research university, we promote economic development in the region by aiding in the transfer of technology and other discoveries between university and industry to create next-generation ideas and products. Our graduates, who benefit from working alongside our research faculty, also contribute to the economy by driving innovation through local company employment or by launching their own businesses. From space technologies, simulation and immersive experiences and energy and sustainability to healthcare and national security, UCF researchers work together to shape the future, improving the lives of our community and the world.

University Research Impact

UCF researchers are committed to discovery and innovation. Each year, our researchers attract more than $200 million in grants, gifts and sponsored awards. But a dollar figure doesn’t tell the whole story. Research and scholarship are about the impact our work is having on our students, community, nation and around the globe. It’s about helping solve real-world problems that make a difference in people’s lives. In addition to supporting innovative research, we’re helping strengthen and diversify our local and state economy.


Sponsored research funding in 2023.


Patent applications filed in FY 2023.


U.S. patents issued in FY 2023.


Licenses and options executed in 2023.


In 2022, 6 UCF students were named National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows.


Fulbright Scholars from around the world choose UCF graduate programs to do their research.

Show The World What You’re Working On

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Multidisciplinary Research Clusters

UCF’s Faculty Cluster Initiative leverages our diverse talent, facilities, location and industry partnerships to foster the development of strong, interdisciplinary teams focused on solving today’s toughest scientific and societal challenges through teaching and research. Bringing together some of the brightest minds creates synergies among diverse disciplines to help generate research breakthroughs.

Among the groups making the biggest gains are the Center for Research in Computer Vision, Florida Space Institute and Faculty Research Clusters. Comprised of faculty across disciplines, the nine clusters are focused on tackling thematic, global issues, including cybersecurity, coastal sustainability, and disability and aging.

Explore Further

Learn more about faculty clusters at UCF.

Innovation in Action

When research yields a discovery, what happens next? At the Office of Technology Transfer, our team helps UCF discoveries go public through intellectual property protection, marketing and licensing processes. The office connects UCF researchers with companies and entrepreneurs to take technology to market. By working together, we are able to make the greatest impact.

In addition to collaborating on research and commercialization, we are focused on unprecedented results. UCF professors have been recognized for their innovation and invention by being selected to become fellows of the National Academy of Inventors.

Science & Technology
UCF Researcher Further Explores Nanotech to Improve Cancer and Disease Detection
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Qiushi Fu’s foundational research on bimanual coordination may help victims of stroke, limb loss or other conditions limiting limb usage improve their quality of life.

Serving our Faculty and Students

UCF offers a host of resources that our faculty and student investigators can tap into. These include training and workshops, funding opportunities, and help in complying with federal and state regulations pertaining to research.


Faculty are at the heart of any research institution. That’s why the UCF Office of Research offers several services to help support faculty. For example, the Office of Research works with faculty to submit sponsored-research proposals to federal and private agencies, provides workshops, seminars and training opportunities to help enhance grant success and administers research awards and oversees research integrity and compliance.

Graduate Research

Graduate students at UCF have access to renowned professors, talented mentors and state-of-the-art technology, and can take advantage of resources such as research seminars, discussion groups, professional development workshops and social events that support them as they progress through their studies.

Undergraduate Research

UCF professors engage students in their projects, giving them invaluable experience in the laboratory and in their chosen fields. The Office of Undergraduate Research and the Venture Accelerator create ideal environments for students, faculty and entrepreneurs to collaborate on research and provide business solutions.

Local Research, Global Impact

Strong relationships and a shared vision lead to successful partnerships right here in Central Florida. One such partner, the Florida High Tech Corridor, spans 23 counties and serves to attract and retain technology industries and a talented workforce in our area. UCF has solid relationships throughout the region that are built on mutual respect and common goals, and it’s clear that together we are making an impact.

In nearby Central Florida Research Park, many of the 12,300+ employees work with UCF researchers and students on projects in the sciences, engineering, photonics and optics, modeling and simulation and health-related fields. And our Business Incubation Program, which provides startup companies with the incubator tools and support they need to become stable and high-growth enterprises, has helped create and sustain more than 6,200 local jobs and have had an impact of $2.48 billion on regional economic output.

UCF Emergency Management Saves Lives

Research is critical to counter and lessen the impact of crises. This is even more salient as we reflect on the Pulse nightclub tragedy and we get through hurricane season.

How UCF faculty are improving emergency management before, during and after a disaster

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