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Cluster Leads:

Roger Azevedo, Ph.D.

Professor in the School of Modeling Simulation and Training [email protected]

Charlie Hughes, Ph.D.

Pegasus Professor of Computer Science [email protected]

Technology is constantly changing and so is the way we use it to learn. UCF’s Learning Sciences cluster not only develops new technology to improve learning outcomes but also explores how we interact with and learn using machines.

Unlocking the human potential within every learner will result in harnessing intellectual capital for solving society’s most challenging problems and saving billions of dollars.

This cluster focuses on how people learn across their lifespan in formal and informal settings and leverages theory, research and applied knowledge from the fields of education, cognitive psychology, computer science, philosophy and design. 


UCF Learning Sciences Co-Lead, Roger Azevedo, served as a guest presenter on the College of Engineering and Computer Science’s Virtual Faculty Research Talk, held on February 5th, 2021.

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Learning Sciences Degree Programs

The Learning Sciences track in the Education PhD program will expose students to key components of research on learning with training on using big data for research on learning analytics and data science for focus on learning for humans and machines. For more programs, search UCF programs below.

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