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Cluster Lead:

Reid Oetjen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Health Management and Informatics [email protected]

“Technology serving humanity”

UCF’s Disability, Aging and Technology Cluster is helping disabled people and the elderly move better and smarter, as well as lead healthier and stronger lives.

They work against a backdrop where:

  • Advances in medicine and technology are helping people live longer despite advanced age and previously life-ending traumatic injuries.
  • Assistive technology has provided some independence and improved quality of life, but many chronic conditions lack effective preventative medical treatment or cure and strain our healthcare systems.
  • An increasing array of technological innovations are available to patients and care givers to support self-management, maintenance of functional abilities and care delivery, but their practical application remains critical targets for research, education and service.

The Disability, Aging and Technology Cluster designs, develops and disseminates practical and affordable interventions to help reintegrate people using technology while promoting health and well-being.

The cluster also enhances positive physical and psycho-social factors related to good health, informs policy and develops technological innovations through research, education and service partnerships.

UCF assistive robot
View some of the Disability, Aging and Technology Cluster’s assistive robots here.

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Disability, Aging and Technology (DAT) Degree Programs

UCF offers multiple degree programs for students interested in pursuing careers and research in disability, aging and technology. For more programs, search UCF programs below.

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