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The largest college at UCF offers 23 undergraduate, 16 master’s and 12 doctoral degree programs, spanning the analytic, behavioral, communicative, computational, natural, physical and social sciences. Check out our programs and find out how you can discover the sciences both within and outside of the classroom.

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The College of Sciences offers programs spanning the physical and social sciences with topics from uncovering the mysteries of the natural world to understanding humans and the societies we form.

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Science & Technology
UCF Is Part of Team That Finds Water on Ultra-hot Exoplanet with James Webb Space Telescope
The temperature is so hot that it would tear most water molecules apart, and the researchers say detecting the remaining water that survived speaks to…
Latina Alumna, Postdoctoral Researcher Inspiring Underrepresented Youth to Excel in Tech World
Through her work with the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, Olivia Newton 13 ’17MS ’22PhD is making an impact in tech research and serving as an example…
UCF Researchers Help Lead New, $2 Million NSF Project to Make Coastal Sciences More Inclusive
The new collaboration includes 15 faculty members and leaders from minority-serving institutions from across the country.

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