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There is no better place to learn about hospitality than in the #1 tourist destination in America. Our college is the most modern and technologically advanced facility ever built for hospitality management education. You’ll learn from our diverse, international faculty and interact and connect with industry partners who will give you a global perspective on hospitality, event management, entertainment management and tourism.

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There are many benefits to taking a more proactive approach to choosing a career. The Rosen College of Hospitality Management has curriculum and programs to help you land your next opportunity.

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Hospitality Meets AI

Research faculty discover solutions for blending high-tech and high-touch hospitality to create optimal guest experiences.

How we’re elevating hospitality tech

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Hospitality Management News

Health & Medicine
Using Artificial Intelligence in Medicine to Better Predict Disease
In the age of big data, companies track and analyze our buying habits, hobbies and social media accounts to make business decisions. But the impact…
Science & Technology
New NASA-funded Study Hopes to Put Risks of Space Junk on People’s Radar
Space debris can endanger spacecraft and damage satellites that are critical to everything from communication to GPS, air traffic control, surveillance and national security.
Arts & Culture
What Does Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Mean for the Future of the Monarchy?
Following her funeral today, two UCF professors discuss the impact of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

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