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U.S. News and World Report Most Innovative College 2024

22 of our graduate programs are ranked in the top 100 by U.S. News & World Report.


Awarded annually to students from the College of Graduate Studies.

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“At UCF we look for innovative ways to solve problems and improve lives.”

— Elizabeth Klonoff, College of Graduate Studies provost and dean

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Our faculty and researchers are focused on enriching the human experience through inclusion, discovery and innovation.

Orlando has long been known as tourism capital of the U.S., and with the rise of the theme experiences a new class of talent is needed. At UCF, students learn from industry experts like Peter Weishar to create theme parks attractions, hotels, live events and other immersive experiences.

Peter Weishar

Reimagining Storytelling Through Themed Experience

Peter Weishar, themed experience graduate program director, shares how UCF is preparing graduates to make an impact in this multi-billion-dollar field by providing the industry training, insight and connections needed to succeed.

Novia Berriel

UCF is at the cutting edge of everything.”

Olga Harrington Pinto

Olga Harrington Pinto

Doctorate in physics

“People don’t realize that a lot of the technology we develop for space, can help us solve problems here on Earth too. … It is just an amazing opportunity for me as a graduate student to be able to work on this.”

Harrington Pinto was one of eight UCF-affiliated researchers — and the only graduate student — to conduct research using early images of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Perla Latorre-Suarez

Perla Latorre-Suarez ’21

Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering

Doctorate in aerospace engineering

“This is the first award I have won as a student. It will give me the opportunity to expand my academic and professional connections by networking with other professionals around the country.”

Latorre-Suarez is a member of Aviation Week Network’s 20 Twenties Award Class of 2022 — recognizing her as one of the best aerospace engineering graduate students in the world.

Graduate Studies News

Science & Technology
UCF Student Receives National Acclaim for Project Protecting Leatherback Sea Turtles
Callie Veelenturf’s conservation work has been featured on the front page of The Washington Post and on CBS News and in Smithsonian magazine.
UCF Announces 2024’s 30 Under 30 Alumni Award Recipients
UCF will celebrate this year’s honorees at an event on Saturday, May 18.
Science & Technology
UCF Researchers Help Find Evidence of Geothermal Activity within Icy Dwarf Planets
The findings show the icy worlds Eris and Makemake are more internally evolved than once believed and set the stage for considering them as the…

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