Knight Life at UCF

Don’t just go to college — get the most out of it. UCF offers hundreds of social clubs and organizations, plus an array of academic resources to help students succeed in school and as alumni. From orientation to graduation, the UCF experience creates opportunities that last a lifetime

Life is Good Here

A Campus of Opportunity

Attending one of the largest universities in the nation has its perks. Enjoying sunshine and great weather in Orlando, Florida just happen to be a bonus.

Established in 1963, UCF offers more than 210 degree programs and countless opportunities to 66,000 students. Go beyond the stats, though, and you begin to see what it’s like to be a Knight. From a state-of-the-art Recreation and Wellness Center and diverse dining options to exciting housing communities and a bustling Student Union, there’s something for everyone outside of the classroom.

Our Support. Your Success.

Advising and Academic Resources

What’s the secret to success? It starts with a visit to your advisor — but that’s no secret.

Academic advisors help you make important decisions like choosing classes, selecting a major and staying on track for graduation. Need to know about registration, financial aid, career options and dozens of other details? We can help with that, too. Get to know your UCF advisor and you’ll go far.

Financial Checks & Balances

Tuition and Financial Aid

A college degree should create a lifetime of opportunities, not a lifetime of debt. At UCF, 48 percent of students graduate without any educational debt. Compare that to 33 percent nationally and you can see why UCF is gaining interest — in a good way.

Daunted by dollar signs? Don’t be. The Office of Financial Assistance is your go-to place for understanding how to pay for college and make the best of your investment. Our team will help you search for scholarships, apply for financial aid, find student jobs and make smart decisions about loans. We can even help you budget for the fun stuff, like spring break and a semester abroad.


Adventures Are Everywhere

Recreation and Activities

College is about so much more than textbooks and tests. Outside of the classroom, UCF is buzzing with events and activities like concerts and art shows, sports and student clubs, volunteer opportunities and outdoor adventures — to name a few.

Bored? Not when you’re a Knight. With more than 600 student clubs and organizations and an events calendar jam-packed with activities, UCF has plenty of athletic, artistic and intriguing ways to be entertained, get fit and get involved. Take a quick trip off campus to take advantage of Orlando’s theme parks and cultural hotspots, as well as nearby springs and beaches for some fun in the sun.

Find Your Balance

Health and Wellness

Fact: college can be stressful. Fallacy: you have to deal with it on your own. We understand the importance of maintaining physical and emotional health. That’s why Knights have access to on-campus doctors, counselors, dietitians and a full-service pharmacy, plus a variety of fitness resources.

All students have access to our 149,000-square-foot facilities with fitness equipment, track, multipurpose courts and climbing wall, plus outdoor amenities like sand volleyball courts, a leisure pool, lap pool and intramural sports fields.

From primary care and dentistry to psychiatry and other specialty care, UCF’s Health Services has a team of experts to treat just about anything. Students can even schedule a one-on-one consultation with a clinical dietitian to discuss weight management, eating disorders, diabetes and more.

Keeping your mind healthy is equally important, and it’s easy with the help of UCF Cares. Focused on overall well-being, UCF Cares is committed to making every student feel safe, empowered, respected and included.