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Cluster Lead:

Christopher Emrich, Ph.D.

Interim Center Director & Professor of Environmental Science and Public Administration

UCF Coastal focuses on integrating science and societal needs to address coastal issues and teach students conservation and resource management.

This Center, which has grown from it’s original cluster origination, works to understand complex local, national and global problems related to natural changes in coastal systems and those caused by humans.

The threats and challenges Florida faces are the same that coastal communities around the world face.

The solutions, methods and technologies developed at UCF will have immediate application to other geographic locations, with the potential to be statewide and national models for how coastal states should address future environmental and economic challenges as well as growth opportunities.

We invite you to further explore UCF Coastal‘s offerings related to outreach and development activities with the ultimate goal to link the ecological security of coastal ecosystems with the economic security of coastal communities, ensuring the sustainability of our coastlines and economy for generations to come. If you wish to support this vital program, please visit Give – UCF Coastal.

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