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About the Initiative

UCF’s Faculty Cluster Initiative links faculty from all thirteen of UCF’s colleges, and several institutes and centers, to solve today’s toughest challenges. The faculty are conducting cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research and education to make positive impacts across the globe and to promote UCF excellence.

The initial six clusters were launched in 2015 with 33 faculty positions and have since grown to nine clusters with more than 135 joint and secondary joint faculty, each key to their cluster’s success.

These clusters are discovering new ways to power our lives, keep power systems resilient and sustainable, keep our private data safe and secure, better understand the genetics behind diseases and biodiversity, improve the ways we use technology to learn, sustain our coastlines, help our bodies accept medical devices, aid the physical and cognitive functions of disabled people and the elderly and protect all members of society from violence.

Going Public. Research, Protect, Promote, Commercialize


With some of the latest advancements in medicine involving technology that interfaces with the body, UCF’s Biionix Cluster is working to make these devices smarter than ever and sure that our bodies safely accept these augmentations.

Learn More about Biionix

Cyber Security and Privacy

UCF’s Cyber Security and Privacy Cluster is on the cutting edge of data protection by not only understanding and exploring existing ways to stay secure but also inventing new ones and understanding the social implications new technology and the Internet of Things have on our daily lives.

Learn More about Cyber Security and Privacy

Disability, Aging and Technology (DAT)

UCF’s Disability, Aging and Technology Cluster is helping disabled people and the elderly move better and smarter as well as lead healthier and stronger lives.

Learn More about Disability, Aging and Technology (DAT)

Genomics and Bioinformatics

UCF’s Genomics and Bioinformatics Cluster uses advanced genetic sequencing technology to understand the mysteries behind life, including how to mitigate diseases that spread and evolve through populations and time.

Learn More about Genomics and Bioinformatics

Learning Sciences

Technology is constantly changing and so is the way we use it to learn. UCF’s Learning Sciences Cluster not only develops new technology to improve learning outcomes but also explores how we interact with and learn using machines.

Learn More about Learning Sciences

Renewable Energy and Chemical Transformation (REACT)

UCF’s Renewable Energy and Chemical Transformation Cluster, or REACT, is developing new, alternative power sources for our tech and transportation that are safe for people and the environment.

Learn More about Renewable Energy and Chemical Transformation (REACT)

Resilient, Intelligent and Sustainable Energy Systems (RISES)

UCF’s Resilient, Intelligent and Sustainable Energy Systems Cluster, or RISES, works to develop sustainable and resilient energy systems and storage to make sure we have power and stay connected when disasters strike.

Learn More about Resilient, Intelligent and Sustainable Energy Systems (RISES)

Sustainable Coastal Systems

UCF’s Sustainable Coastal System Cluster integrates science and societal needs to address coastal issues and teach students conservation and resource management.

Learn More about Sustainable Coastal Systems

Violence Against Women (VAW)

UCF’s Violence Against Women Cluster researchers work across the disciplines of education, social work, medicine and nursing to create knowledge to guide policymaking designed to reduce the experience and impact of violence.

Learn More about Violence Against Women (VAW)

Innovation in Action

When research yields a discovery, what happens next? At the Office of Technology Transfer, our team helps UCF discoveries go public through intellectual property protection, marketing and licensing processes. The office connects UCF researchers with companies and entrepreneurs to take the technology to market. By working together, we are able to make the greatest impact.

UCF Technology Transfer Office wins the AUTM Better World Project Award 2020

University Research Impact

UCF researchers attract more than $100 million annually in grants, gifts and sponsored awards. In addition to supporting innovative research, these financial resources help strengthen and diversify our local and state economies.


Million in Research Funding


Ranking Among Public Universities
for Number of Patents, 2019


28 Licenses and Options


992 Total Patents Secured

UCF Research News

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The engineering and photonics students were selected out of 600 applicants to work on projects that solve real-world national security issues.
Science & Technology
AI-based Screening Method Could Boost Speed of New Drug Discovery
Using a technique that models drug and target protein interactions using natural language, researchers achieved up to 97% accuracy in identifying promising drug candidates.
Science & Technology
UCF Researchers Prove that COVID Disinfectant Works in Latest Research Paper
The material science and engineering and medical faculty members experimented with a material that has antiviral properties that are activated by white light, such as…