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Cluster Lead:

Yan Solihin, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science

UCF’s Cyber Security and Privacy Cluster is on the cutting edge of data protection by not only understanding and exploring existing ways to stay secure but also inventing new ones. The cluster also focuses on understanding the social implications new technology and the Internet of Things have on our daily lives.

This research provides the modern world with much needed solutions to both the human and the technological causes of security and privacy problems. This aids people, businesses and the government and enhances faculty expertise for teaching students.

Security and privacy problems can involve human users, physical facilities, hardware, software, communication protocols and potential attackers.

The cluster spans many disciplines – computer science, computer engineering, industrial engineering and management systems, legal studies, mathematics, optics and photonics, philosophy, political science, psychology and statistics – to meet these security and privacy challenges head on.

In The News

Doing Your Own Online Fact-checking May Not Be as Effective in Detecting Fake News, NYU and UCF Study Reveals
A key recommendation from the study is an emphasis on data literacy efforts, in addition to a strategy called lateral reading.
UCF is a Top University for Research and Development in Florida
UCF is No. 1 in Florida for computer and information sciences expenditures and No. 2 for engineering funding, according to a new NSF report.
Colleges & Campus
UCF Earns 4th CyberForce National Championship
One team secured first place and another ranked fourth in the competition against some of the nation’s top cybersecurity students.

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UCF offers multiple certificates for students interested in cybersecurity and privacy. For more programs, search UCF programs below.

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