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Meet the Presidential Search Committee

Here are the 15 people tasked with finding our next leader, who will expand on UCF’s commitment to bold academics, innovative research and international impact.

With the announcement that John C. Hitt is retiring from the presidency, UCF has begun its search for a new president. Representatives from the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, student body, UCF Foundation, Central Florida community, Florida Board of Governors and DirectConnect to UCF partner institutions have been charged with finding the next president to lead the university’s commitment to bold academics, innovative research and international impact. UCF anticipates announcing its fifth president in March.

Keep up with the latest on UCF’s presidential search.

“Replacing President Hitt is an enormous responsibility. I’ve been very pleased with the progress we’ve made so far, especially with how well the committee has listened to the voices of students, faculty, alumni and all of those connected to UCF.”
Cristina Barreto, Search Committee Member

David Walsh

Search Chairman, UCF Board of Trustees, UCF Parent

Beverly Seay

Search Vice Chair, UCF Board of Trustees, UCF Parent

William Yeargin

Member, UCF Board of Trustees

Sydney Kitson

Vice Chair, Florida Board of Governors

Manoj Chopra

Professor of Engineering, UCF

Linda Walters

Pegasus Professor of Biology, UCF

Gordon Chavis

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, UCF

Cristina Barreto

Vice President, UCF Student Government Association

Rick Walsh ’77 ’83MS

Chair Emeritus, UCF Board of Trustees

Conrad Santiago

UCF Trustee Emeritus, UCF Parent

Michael Manglardi ’84

Emeritus Director, UCF Foundation, UCF Parent

Sara (Wellens) Bernard ’00

Chair, UCF Alumni Board

Falecia Williams ’06EdD

President, Valencia College West Campus

Buddy Dyer

Mayor, City of Orlando

Ken Robinson

President and CEO, Dr. Phillips Inc.