UCF Partners with Nemours for PedsAcademy

A young child in a hospital bed speaks with a woman and female UCF student.
Ella Greene, a patient at Nemours and student in PedsAcademy, speaks with Megan Nichols and a UCF volunteer before beginning a lesson.
An open container of black, white and grey LEGO pieces.
Students in the program often use LEGO kits to build robot models.
A UCF student volunteer smiles and holds a clipboard while watching a hospitalized child play.
A UCF student volunteer holds a completed robot model.
A young child in a hospital bed wears a VR headset while a woman stands nearby.
Using a virtual reality headset, Ella explores the ocean.
A young child in a hospital bed smiles and holds a VR headset while her mother looks at her.
Ella’s mom smiles proudly after her daughter completes a lesson.