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Broad-based prosperity requires a knowledge engine.

To advance economic prosperity, a public metropolitan research university drives innovation. Through deep investments in research and expanding the infrastructure that provides knowledge, UCF seeks to accelerate economic growth for our community and State.

Goals and Initiatives


Increase UCF’s focus on research by supporting basic, applied, clinical, and translational research activities.


Research & Development Expenditures

Priority Initiatives

Invest in infrastructure and personnel in areas of strategic focus, such as increasing research to perform secure work supporting national security.
Optimize utilization of research facilities and infrastructure. Increase research reliability by investing in critical capital projects that reduce the risk for lost scholarship.

Extend the impact, application, and commercialization of knowledge.


Number of Patents Awarded Annually

Licenses and Options Executed Annually

Number of Start-up Companies Created Annually

Priority Initiatives

Evaluate the development of an independent, applied, cooperative research institute as part of a regional innovation ecosystem.
Encourage research as pedagogy and the integration of research knowledge in curriculum design and instruction.
Recognize and incent research translation through targeted funding and criteria for promotion, tenure, and awards.

Recruit and retain highly qualified faculty, post-doctoral appointees, and doctoral students to increase academic outcomes and support our research activity.


Faculty FTE*

Post-doctoral Appointees

Priority Initiatives

Develop a comprehensive strategic marketing and recruitment plan designed to enhance the pipeline of graduate and doctoral appointee candidates.
Note. *Faculty FTE from the Common Data Set (CDS).