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Yes, you may bring your advisor to hood you on stage. For more information, please email us at 

As long as you filled out your Intent to Graduate form, you are eligible. We will have your Knight email address, and you will receive a link to select your time slot. Note: You MUST select a time slot to participate. There will be no walk-ups allowed. 

Note: This is different from Commencement, where you will only be allowed up to five guests with you and each guest will be required to have their own ticket. For both events, children and infants count as a guest. 


Unlike Commencement where it is required, academic regalia is not required to participate in Grad Walk; however, you may still wear it if you choose to do so. 

Grad Walk is a more intimate graduation experience for the students graduating in Fall 2021. Graduates must register for a 15-minute time slot from the link that will be sent to their Knights email. At the event, they will walk across the stage, hear their name be called and soak up the cheers of up to eight guests. Guest will stay with the graduates the entirety of the time as it is a continuously moving event. 


An official UCF photographer will be there to provide graduation photos — both individual and group photos — for the graduates. The entire Grad Walk experience will be under one hour and does not include a formal program, commencement speaker or guests on the platform. This event is an optional experience. Click here to view a video from a past Grad Walk. 

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