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Broadening Horizons

Thanks to the generosity of donors, scholarships become transformative tools that empower Knights to succeed and thrive throughout their UCF experience.

Every year students from across the country and around the globe choose UCF, opening their world to a future full of possibilities. Investing in their college education — and the experiences that come with it — can set them up for a lifetime of success.

While navigating the complexities of financing higher education, scholarships offer a beacon of hope.

At UCF, the impact of scholarships goes beyond lessening the financial strain of tuition and expenses. They enable students to embark on their academic journeys with confidence. UCF is dedicated to unleashing students’ potential by making education affordable and accessible. Scholarships help to remove barriers so students can focus on their studies, hands-on learning experiences and campus activities.

With the support of donors worldwide, thousands of UCF students have benefited from scholarships. They not only receive monetary assistance but benefit from a legacy of generosity and goodwill. Here are some of our students and the scholarships that have empowered them to succeed.

In scholarship funds awarded to students in 2023

UCF students were awarded scholarships to help support their education during the 2022-23 fiscal year

Support Scholarships for Students

Stephen P. Weisz Endowed Scholarship in Hospitality Management Fund

Established in 2022 by Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp.

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management student Christian DeMitchiel.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide is nurturing the hospitality leaders of tomorrow through the Stephen P. Weisz Endowed Scholarship in Hospitality Management Fund. The scholarship, established in honor of the retired CEO of Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp., inspires students to pursue their passion for the hospitality industry and serve their community at large. This support has reduced the financial load for Jida Awa ’23 and Christian DeMichiel, who majored in Rosen College’s hospitality management program.

“The most important thing that I have learned about the hospitality industry is that it is a community that will support future [industry] leaders [and] the success of students,” Awa says.

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management grad Jida Iwa '23.

Quadrant Engineering — Chowdhury Family Future Leaders Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2024 by civil engineering alum Rafiqul Chowdhury ’09 ’11MS.

As the owner of Quadrant Engineering in New York, Rafiqul Chowdhury ’09 ’11MS is living a dream that began at UCF. The civil engineering alum says he owes his success to faculty mentors, like-minded students, and professional internships and scholarships from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

“Those scholarships … allowed me to focus more of my time on my studies instead of working,” says Chowdhury, who recently established the Quadrant Engineering – Chowdhury Family Future Leaders Endowed Scholarship to help students who share his drive and resolve.

UCF civil engineering alum and owner of Quadrant Engineering in New York, Rafiqul Chowdhury '09 '11MS

“I aim to support students similar to myself — those who put in hard work, dedicate themselves and just need a little extra help, as I once did. My goal is to encourage them to aspire to extraordinary achievements,” he says.

The Mott Law Firm Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2010 by Melanie ’02 and Michael Mott ’02 of The Mott Law Firm.

The Mott Law Firm Endowed Scholarship recipient and UCF law student Shamona Joseph

Shamona Joseph can now confidently work toward his goals of attending law school and starting his career as a worker’s compensation attorney thanks in part to The Mott Law Firm Endowed Scholarship he was awarded in Fall 2023. Since his freshman year, Joseph has been putting his skills into practice — even submitting a law article for publication through UCF’s Undergraduate Law Journal program. Now in his junior year, he says the scholarship has allowed him to reach even greater heights.

Created by UCF legal studies alum and personal injury attorney Michael Mott ’02, the scholarship awards UCF undergraduate students majoring in legal studies with aid to pay for tuition, textbooks and more. Mott says his gratitude for UCF’s Department of Legal Studies strengthened his support for Knights like Joseph who aspire to work in the legal field helping people in need.

The Mott Law Firm Endowed Scholarship donor and UCF alum Michael Mott

Corey Family Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2020 by Loretta ’17 and Michael Corey ’17.

For Andrea Gadek, an art student with a track in visual arts and emerging media management, the Corey Family Endowed Scholarship eased the financial strain of tuition fees, enabling her to invest in additional academic resources such as research materials and educational workshops to further her education in visual arts. The awarded funds have brought Gadek closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming a high school art teacher.

“Without scholarships such as the Corey Family Endowed Scholarship, college wouldn’t be possible for me financially,” Gadek says. “[The scholarship is] a means to fund my education and also a stepping stone toward a brighter future.”

Upperco Family Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2001 by Daniel, Gloria ’80MBA, John, Mark and Peter Upperco, as well as Randi Brooks ’76 ’92MBA.

The Upperco Family Endowed Scholarship remains steadfast to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students, particularly those from Central Florida high schools. Recognizing the importance of higher education, the Upperco family is committed to helping UCF Knights succeed throughout their college careers.

For senior biology student Myrna Douna, the scholarship is supporting her dream to become a dentist. Beyond financial assistance, the scholarship has empowered her to complement her dental studies with research and an internship at Grace Medical Home’s Dental Center.

A group of donors posing for a photo with students

Dan Upperco, Mark Upperco, Gloria Upperco ’80MBA, John Upperco, Randi Brooks ’76 ’92MBA, Peter Upperco and Betsy Upperco with other Upperco family members and students from the College of Undergraduate Studies.