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Leos Pohl

Heavenly View

Leos Pohl, a planetary science doctoral student, was one of only 25 people worldwide selected to study at the Vatican Observatory this summer. He joined students from more than 20 nations to examine the role of water in the solar system.

Photo of Pluto

3,000,000,000 miles from Earth to the orbit of Pluto, which is in the Kuiper Belt

UCF professor Daniel Britt was named to NASA’s New Horizons mission team, which made history last year when it flew past Pluto. He joins the team as they begin the next leg of their momentous journey exploring the Kuiper belt, a region of the solar system that extends billions of miles beyond Neptune.

“This is a great opportunity. It demonstrates that UCF is the place to go for expertise in asteroid and comet geology.”

Physics professor Daniel Britt, New Horizons mission team

Photo of astronaut in space

Spacing Out

NASA awarded UCF researchers Stephen Fiore and Shawn Burke $900,000 to study the effects of long-term space missions on astronauts’ memory and attention span. The grant is part of a larger study, being conducted at institutions around the country, to learn more about space travel’s impact on the human body.

Fueling Discovery

Leigh NashLeigh Nash ’14 was one of 10 graduate students in the U.S. to be awarded a highly competitive NASA two-year fellowship where she will work on new methods to test jet fuels. In addition to conducting her research at UCF, the Advanced STEM Training and Research Fellowship will partner Nash, a mechanical engineering graduate student, with a NASA researcher during a two-month summer program at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

New Leaders

Katie Abrahamson-Henderson

Katie Abrahamson-Henderson

Women’s head basketball coach

Coach Abrahamson-Henderson led the University at Albany-SUNY to six winning seasons as head coach, including their first NCAA Tournament victory.

Johnny Dawkins

Johnny Dawkins

Men’s head basketball coach

Dawkins comes to UCF after an eight-year stint at Stanford University that included five postseason appearances.

Elizabeth Klonoff

Elizabeth Klonoff

Vice President for Research and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies

Klonoff was previously co-director of the joint doctoral program in clinical psychology at San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego. She has received more than $23 million in state and federal funding for her research into tobacco control and psychosocial issues related to cancer.

John Roddick

John Roddick

Director of Tennis

Roddick joins UCF Athletics after seven seasons as the men’s head tennis coach at the University of Oklahoma, which included three consecutive national runner-up finishes.

Shining Stars


For student-athlete graduation success rate among public universities in the nation

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