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The Zero Theorem Scene 4
The Zero Theorem Scene
The Zero Theorem Scene 3
The Zero Theorem Scene 2

Christoph Waltz (left) stars in The Zero Theorem with Melanie Thierry (right), Tilda Swinton and Matt Damon. Photo: Hugo Stenson

Living in an abandoned church, reclusive hacker Qohen Leth (Chrisoph Waltz) searches for the meaning of life in an unsolvable math problem. Photo: Hugo Stenson

The Zero Theorem is the final film in the Brazil trilogy (with Twelve Monkeys) for director Terry Gilliam (far right), whose other credits include Time Bandits and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Photo: Hugo Stenson

Gilliam's science fiction films are characterized by wild and colorful dystopian worlds, such as this film set in Romania. Photo: Hugo Stenson