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UCF’s Public Art Collection

UCF’s Public Art Collection

A School of Visual Arts and Design student surveyed 253 pieces to find her top 10.

Spring 2014

For four months, Lea Patrice Fales explored every public building on UCF’s main campus. The senior studio art major documented works from framed paintings to outdoor sculpture, collating her research into a 100-page review that she presented to UCF and the Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Office. Fales says, “I hope this comprehensive review will aid university leaders in making informed decisions for future installations, artwork maintenance, educational and promotional art programming, and funding for the arts.”

Elliptic Lens
Bishop & Queen
Reach for the Stars
Large Shield
We See The Same Stars
Mowry's Meridian
Hermes Gate

Reach for the Stars by Barton Rubenstein, 2001.
Location: Student Union.
"This dynamic piece incorporates running water cascading over a ribbon-like bronze structure, creating a soothing sound and reflections off the walls and terrazzo floor."

Genesis by Leonardo Nierman, 1987.
Location: John C. Hitt Library.
"Although this stained-glass window has a muted impact when viewed from across the Reflecting Pond during the day, it comes to life in the evening. Backlit from inside the library, the colors illuminate the artist's interpretation of the creation of the world."

Large Shield by Barbara Sorensen, 2003.
Location: Barbara Ying Center.
"This sculpture exhibits great detail in the stoneware and steel that make up its geometric, yet organic, arrangement. Like an archaeological artifact, it is a discovery within its environment."

We See The Same Stars by Malcolm Robertson, 2013.
Location: Classroom II.
"This is a recent addition to the University of Central Florida, installed above the entrance to the building that houses the ROTC. Robertson's work celebrates the diverse patriotism and refinement that exists across all branches of the United State's armed forces."

Mowry's Meridian by Don Reynolds, 1998.
Location: Barbara Ying Center.
"This floor mosaic is a wonderful testament to the worldly cultures and perspectives that UCF celebrates. It was created with the assistance of UCF Associate Professor Hadi Abbas."

Hermes Gate by Dale Enochs, 2011.
Location: Recreation and Wellness Center.
"This nonrepresentational form — whose title references sports, conceptually tying it to its site — is an incredible design of strength. The organic limestone slices seem to protrude from the ground with the element of man-made steel as support, topped by a delicate accent of gold leaf."

Dialogue by Evelyn Rosenberg, 1999.
Location: Nicholson School of Communication.
"Made from copper, brass and aluminum, this piece showcases Rosenberg’s innovative technique of detonography, a method of sculpting metal using explosive material. The detail and precision of this process is even more amazing due to its large scale."

Elliptic Lens by Ray King, 1997.
Location: College of Optics and Photonics.
"The sweeping shape, composed of triangular glass pieces that reflect the color spectrum, changes as you approach the building. An iconic piece, it is often used to identify the building’s location."

Bishop & Queen by Nita Sunderland, 1980.
Location: Education Complex courtyard.
"An excellent work created by the time-consuming process of stone carving, the medieval-inspired figures stand tall and sleek, with facial details that beg for a closer look."

Axiom by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel, 2011.
Location: Physical Sciences Building.
“While installations on the UCF campus are typically minimal or simple, this piece is exceptional for its complexity. It illustrates an advanced concept visualized through a complex mobile involving structural components. The organization of 118 tetrahedrons made of mirror and stainless steel is an impressive feat.”