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Dialect Training Wide
Dialect Training
Tara Snyder at Rehersal

For the eight UCF student actors, preparations began months before rehearsals when associate professor Katherine Ingram introduced them to the four English dialects they would be speaking in the play.

"It’s pretty unusual to learn multiple dialects all at once," Ingram says of the actors' challenge. "I teach a class in dialects for the graduate students and we spend a week on each different dialect."

Assistant Professor Tara Snyder, ’07 (center), the only UCF faculty member in the cast, tackled five characters in the production. "This piece is a once in a lifetime event for creative artists," she says.

"I have learned so much," says Ryan Skiles (left), with fellow UCF M.F.A. student actor Liz Mignacca (right). "Having 27 folks come together to tell such an epic story requires a large amount of ensemble building, and I feel that is something we were very successful at doing."