“It is so tremendously exciting to make a new laser that I can’t ever imagine not looking forward to coming to work every day, even in slow times. I’ve probably made more new types of lasers than anybody else, if not in number of wavelengths at least in different species. Many of those new lasers have opened up new areas of research and development, and that’s the kind of excitement that keeps me coming back for more.” – Dr. Silfvast

Dr. Silfvast received his PhD in Physics from the University of Utah and is currently Emeritus Professor of Optics at UCF. His current interests involve developing efficient short-wavelength sources and their use in new applications, such as soft-X-ray projection lithography and microscopy, and in photoionization spectroscopy. Dr. Silfvast is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Optical Society of America, and the IEEE. He has written a book entitled “Laser Fundamentals” published by Cambridge University Press.

Source: SPIE’s 50 Years Advancing the Laser, 50 Years and Into the Future