No matter how large or small, every gift is a chance to make a difference. With more than 340 funds to make a gift to at UCF, there’s plenty of great efforts, initiatives and programs to support. Here are just a few.

Man hunches near dirt and green leaves in UCF ArboretumArboretum
Thousands of Knights explore the Arboretum’s trails every year, but it’s much more than a nice place to take a walk. Making a gift to the Arboretum facilitates the management of more than 800 acres of campus natural lands, critical habitats for several threatened species, a community garden that engages hundreds of volunteers annually and provides fresh produce for students, opportunities to learn about distinctive local ecosystems, and much more.

Community Veterans History Project
Collecting and preserving the histories of veterans is important not only to honor their service, but also so future generations better understand the realities of conflict. Since 2010, students have recorded Central Florida’s experiences through the UCF Community Veterans History Project, which contributes selected veterans’ histories to the Library of Congress. Supporting this effort not only helps history students maintain an important practice but helps documents national history.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Taking caring of personal well-being is essential for each person to reach their potential, which is why CAPS is such an important resource for the campus community. Through a range of free clinical and outreach services, CAPS helps reduce the impact life and mental health challenges, elevating resiliency and minimizing the interruption to academic pursuits.

PedsAcademy at Nemours Children’s Hospital
Through a first-of-its-kind program, UCF student-teacher provide patients with tailored instruction to help them maintain academic skills during prolonged hospitalization. Support for the PedsAcademy is not only an investment in the education of children with chronic and complex medical conditions but also future teachers who have a deep understanding of the educational and social-emotional needs of these students.

Students with Disabilities Scholarships
Students with disabilities are an integral part of the rich diversity of UCF’s campus community. Scholarship funding for these Knights is essential to easing financial burdens and reducing barriers to graduation.

Student Experience Fund
From Welcome Week experiences to Homecoming Week traditions, the Student Experience Fund provides activities and events that emphasize what makes being a Knight so special. Making a gift to this fund enriches students’ sense of belonging to and pride in UCF through experiences that encourage personal growth and connect them to other Knights.

The India Center
The India Center at UCF strives to be the nation’s preeminent location for the study of India’s role in the world today through partnerships, scholarships, research education and outreach to the Indian community. Support for the center is vital to implementing programs and activities that foster a culturally responsive learning community for students and individuals across the greater Central Florida region.

Undergraduate Research
Participating in undergraduate research helps students explore their academic discipline further, which can lead to academic achievements, graduate school acceptance, and community building with researchers and peers. Making a gift to support research in this area helps support more undergraduate students’ ability to gain the skills, experience and confidence needed to make a difference in the world.

To make a gift to these and other funds, visit this site.