Life-long hotelier Bill Scatchard influenced the hotel and lodging industry from 1993 to 2004 with his best-selling books and newsletter, “Hotelier’s Infosource.”  The publication had industry subscribers at the highest levels of every brand and at the time of print, Scatchard’s insight and opinions were perceived as cutting-edge.  Over time, his visions have become standard operating procedures for the lodging industry.

Scatchard recently donated a nearly complete run of the 12-year newsletter to the Universal Orlando Foundation Library at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management.  The donation, coordinated by Head Librarian Tim Bottorff, complements the library’s collection of Scatchard’s lodging texts.

Scatchard personally delivered the donation and was welcomed by Bottorff, Dean Abraham Pizam, Lori Cosmides and Jackie Toops with the college.  The five converged in the library and discussed the publication and entertaining anecdotes from Scatchard’s colorful career.

His experience includes positions with various hotels at the management and corporate levels.  He supervised military hotels while in the U.S. Navy, opened Playboy Clubs and worked with the Foodergong Resort, Hyatt Regency and Radisson.

In 1991 Scatchard wrote the best-seller, Upsetting the Applecart, and he wrote the sequel, Eating the Competition’s Lunch, just two years later.  After positive industry feedback, “Hotelier’s Infosource” was developed.

Scatchard has spoken to more than 10,000 hoteliers about Rate Strategies and Convenience Zone Marketing at brand conferences and was a recipient of the Donald N. Pritzker Award of Excellence while with Hyatt Regency.

Today Scatchard owns Creative Breakfast Concepts with his wife, Maggie.  The company has designed over 1,200 hotel breakfast presentations for La Quinta, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, Sleep Inn and Quality Inn. More information can be found by visiting