UCF’s Common Reading Program: Read it. Love it. Live it.

The incoming FTIC [First Time In College] class will have something new to talk about this summer─UCF’s Common Reading Program. Coordinated by the First Year Experience office, every incoming student will receive a copy of the same book at orientation, will read the book over summer, and then have the chance to participate in great events throughout the year relating to the theme of the book.

The first book selection for the program is Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash by Edward Humes. In his book, the author discusses the 102 ton legacy of trash and how everyone can work to lessen our own trash legacies. He provides startling facts along the way such as:

  • “Americans throw away 96 billion pounds of food per year. Approximately 4 million people a year could be fed with just 5% of that waste.”
  • “694 water bottles are thrown away by Americans every second.”
  • “5.7 million tons of carpet is sent to landfills each year- all of it could be recycled, but mostly it’s not.”
  • Humes will be addressing the incoming class at their Convocation on Sunday, August 17, and other events such as a film series by the Unifying Theme, participation in National Recycling Week, Volunteer UCF events and scholarship contests will occur during the school year.

    “In addition to programming that will be planned for students, several classes will also be incorporating the Common Reading Book into their courses,” said Abby Nobili, coordinator for FYE. “During summer, the freshman seminar course SLS 1501: Strategies for Success will be using the book in all sections, and Dr. Hernandez is encouraging his CHM 2041: Chemistry Fundamentals IB students to read the book and will offer extra credit on exams for students. During fall, SLS will continue on with the book and Dr. Reilly’s EGS 1006: Introduction to the Engineering Profession will incorporate the book as well.”

    Nobili added, “With over 300 colleges and universities in the U.S. using a Common Reading, FYE is excited to add this program to campus.”

    For more information on the program, visit: https://fye.sdes.ucf.edu/common-reading/. Check out a few simple ways one can help with the following tips.

    For questions on the program or to suggest future books, email: abby.nobili@ucf.eduUCF’s Common Reading. FYE is an office in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.