On February 11, LEAD Scholars students and Volunteer UCF teamed up to create social change. The group visited Devereux, an organization which provides care and residence for boys about 13-17 years of age with emotional, behavior, developmental problems, and hopes to create a better future for them. The students played different games with the boys and enjoyed their visit.

First year LEAD Scholar Todd Currie talked about the experience:
“The goal of the field day was simply to make sure the boys at Devereux just had a great day and a lot of fun. From the minute we walked in, the boys came up and introduced themselves, had all kinds of questions and just wanted to hang out with us. . . College students coming for a visit is a big deal to them and they really do look up to us, and that is the biggest lesson I learned from our time at Devereux. . . I hope that in some way our presence helps the boys with their development and inspires them to want a better future.  I hope to be able to return to Devereux because I really enjoy spending time with the boys and mostly because I think we are making a difference.”