Graham, a two-term Florida governor who also served 18 years in the U.S.  Senate, is recognized for his leadership on a broad range of issues from education to security and intelligence. He served on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for 10 years and  wrote the book “Intelligence Matters” based on his experiences gleaned during a joint inquiry regarding the Iraq war.

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Graham has dedicated 38 years of his life to public service, including 12 years in the Florida Legislature. As governor and senator, Graham was a centrist, committed to bringing his colleagues together behind programs that served the broadest public interest.

Florida residents recognized his service when they gave him an 83% approval rate when he concluded eight years as Governor.

Graham is recognized for his leadership on issues ranging from education, economic development, health care and environmental preservation to his 10 years of service on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence — including 18 months as chairman in 2001–2002.

Following the release of the joint inquiry’s final report regarding Iraq in July 2003, Graham steadfastly advocated reform of the intelligence community and sponsored legislation to bring about needed changes. In the fall of 2004, Graham authored “Intelligence Matters.”

Graham retired from public service in January 2005, following his presidential campaign in 2004.