Fraternities and sororities continued their outstanding academic achievement during the spring 2011 semester. For the spring semester, the all-university undergraduate GPA was a 2.899 while the all-Greek GPA was 3.059, the highest in the history of fraternities and sororities at UCF. Leading the way were the sorority women who continued to set the standard as the all-sorority GPA was 3.185 compared to the all-women’s GPA of 2.997. Fraternity men continued to inch closer to the 3.0 mark as they had an all-fraternity GPA of 2.903 compared to the all-men’s GPA of 2.784.

Dating back to 1995 when the earliest known GPA tracking reports were recorded, a few records were achieved during the spring 2011 semester. Specifically, the all-Greek GPA and the all-sorority GPA were the highest they have ever been at UCF. In addition, the all-fraternity GPA was the second highest they had ever had. This highlights an outstanding demonstration to the pursuit of academic excellence made by our Greek students at UCF.

Another achievement worth noting is that since 1995, the All-Greek GPA has been higher than the All-University GPA 28 out of 32 times, the all-fraternity GPA has been higher than the all-men’s GPA 20 out of 32 times and the all-Sorority GPA has been higher than the all-women’s GPA 32 out of 32 times. Additionally, since 2008 (seven consecutive semesters) the All-Greek, all-fraternity and all-sorority GPA’s have been higher than their respective university counterparts.

“This goes to show that our Greek students are committed to the tenets of Scholarship and Excellence within the UCF Creed as they strive for excellence in all that they do,“ stated Scott Clark, assistant director for Fraternity and Sorority Life. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life is in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.