Custom learning software originally designed to deliver personalized and optimal learning experiences for K-12 classrooms and for leadership and HR training is now delivering insights for improved matchmaking between investors and entrepreneurs. UCF researcher David Metcalf  and his research team in the Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab (METIL) created the intelligent software, known as a Multimodal Communications Framework, to advance human performance and well-being. This cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is a result of collaborating on R&D projects with other institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

“The framework facilitates a learning and technology mash-up theory approach: personalized teaching practices within custom communication formats

[video, text, image, etc.]

 to provide the right information at the right time in the right format, giving users an optimal experience,” explains Metcalf.

An Orlando-based technology investment firm founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs, Merging Traffic, has licensed the software from UCF to streamline the process of investing in startups for both sides of the table – entrepreneurs and accredited investors.

Merging Traffic managing director Max Hooper, Ph.D. says, “In today’s on-demand economy, where consumer desire is fulfilled by immediacy and convenience, it’s critical to work ahead of the speed of business without compromising the regulatory compliance and due diligence required in raising or investing capital.”

Merging Traffic also plans on integrating the custom learning framework to provide investors with company and industry insights driven by robust analytics and intuitive performance evaluations, into its funding portal. “Today’s research becomes tomorrow’s industry. We are focused on cultivating and advancing this entrepreneurial spirit through expertise and continuous innovation,” says Dr. Hooper.

Although this is the first technology Merging Traffic has licensed from UCF, it will likely not be the last. Merging Traffic is already planning its next project with the METIL team to develop additional software solutions that offer startup companies personalized, entrepreneurial-focused education to support small businesses with scale and sustainability.

Merging Traffic contributes to economic development and growth across the globe by tapping into the surging entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the State of Florida and across the United States to successfully connect accredited investors with entrepreneurs. Merging Traffic is based in Orlando—the center of Florida’s growing high tech corridor and the burgeoning field of commercializing publicly funded research. For more information, contact: A.J. Ripin, or visit