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Produced by UCF Marketing, the Knights Do That podcast features students, faculty, staff and alumni who continue to push the needle forward as innovators, entrepreneurs and creators making an impact on the world. The podcast debuted in May 2021 and new episodes post every other Monday. Audiences can keep up with the Knights Do That podcast through UCF’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and by joining the conversation on all social media platforms using #KnightsDoThat.

If you are a student, graduate, or faculty or staff member who is doing something cool, please let us know what you’re up to by submitting details to Suggest a Story.



Knight Do That

Daniel West

July 26, 2021

Daniel West is a third year computer science student in the Burnett Honors College and is a member of the UCF programming team, along with teammates Sharon Barak and Seba Villalobos, which is well known around the world for consistently placing in the North America championships and world finals. This August UCF will be hosting the North America Championship of the 2021 International Collegiate Programming Contest, the oldest and most prestigious collegiate programming competition. In this episode, we talk about how West originally got into programming, what it means to have the championship hosted at UCF and what makes a good team able to compete at this national stage.


Knight Do That

Darin Edwards is a UCF alum and the director of immunology at Moderna. Darin earned his bachelor’s degree in biology, master’s degree in molecular biology and doctorate in biomedical sciences with a focus on neuroscience at UCF in 2011 and has an impressive resume from computer programming to, of course, most recently leading the research for the COVID-19 vaccine and a deep love for all things UCF – especially Knights football. Hear what it was like working on the COVID-19 vaccine, the moment it was released and what he looks forward to most as we approach a return to pre-pandemic work and life.

Knight Do That

S. Kent Butler

June 28, 2021

S. Kent Butler is a professor of counselor education in the College of Community Innovation and Education and a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion at UCF. He’s conducted extensive research into mentoring among diverse groups and led successful initiatives for African-American male students. Kent joins Knights Do That Host Alex Cumming to discuss how we can all be better listeners, the dynamics of mentorship and how we can cultivate a space where everyone feels like they belong.

Knight Do That

Claire Connolly Knox

June 14, 2021

Associate Professor Claire Connolly Knox, who is an expert in crisis and emergency management, discusses hurricane season, impact of coastal wetlands and learning from crises, such as Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and Pulse Nightclub.

Knight Do That

Alexander Cartwright

May 31, 2021

As the podcast’s first guest, President Alexander Cartwright talks with host Alex Cumming about his experience as a first-generation college student, what it was like becoming a university president during a pandemic, how higher education has impacted his life, and how he believes servant leadership is key to moving the university forward.

Knight Do That

What is it that Knights do? They discover. They create. They inspire. They build. They achieve. That’s what Knights do. And that’s who has inspired this podcast – the innovators, entrepreneurs and creators.

Hosted By Alex Cumming

Alex Cumming wears UCF poloshirt and stand with arms crossed
Alex Cumming is an Orlando native, the son of a three-time UCF alumna and a second-year BFA theatre acting student. Before enrolling at UCF, he spent a year as a full-time actor in Chicago and took classes with renowned improvisation comedy group, The Second City. In addition to his studies, he performs with Playback UCF and also writes for a student-run fashion and lifestyle publication, Strike Magazine UCF. (Photo by Rhiana Raymundo ’19)