UCF Knights’ point guard A.J. Rompza may have a new shooting technique to add to his basketball repertoire during the Conference USA tournament this week in Memphis.

During a congratulatory video shown recently at UCF President John C. Hitt’s 20th anniversary reception, Rompza surprised viewers with a half-court swish – with his back to the basket.

In the video shown to the audience, which had gathered in the Student Union’s packed Pegasus Ballroom, the basketball team and Coach Donnie Jones congratulated Hitt for reaching the milestone.

Without looking, the senior lofted a shot that sailed right through the rim. Most of the other players had their backs to the basket, too, and didn’t realize he made the perfect shot until moments later.

The audience erupted into cheers as the video showed Rompza break into a smile and trot off the court.

To see the video, click here.