Assistant Professor Michael Rovito with the Department of Health Professions was among the health care, public policy, business and nonprofit professionals who participated in the White House Dialogue on Men’s Health Jan. 8.

Rovito was invited to attend following his longstanding efforts to raise awareness of health issues facing men.

The purpose of the event was “to elevate the conversation about men’s health in this country,” said Broderick Johnson, White House Cabinet Secretary and chair of My Brother’s Keeper Task Force.

There are “very important issues that men don’t talk about,” Johnson said in his opening remarks. “We need to cultivate a dialogue that resonates but that is also stainable and accessible … and we need the help from all of you in this room.”

The three-hour event included presentations on “Why Men’s Health Matters,” “Strategies for Helping Men Address Their Health” and “Men and Mental Health.” Concurrent breakout session topics were “Get Covered,” which focused on health insurance enrollment,” and “Men’s Health & Sports – Partnerships for Men’s Health Awareness.”

At the conclusion, Johnson reminded the participants that Jan. 18 marks the beginning of Men’s Week of Action. He asked them to return to their communities and take action to elevate the conversation about men’s health across the country.

Rovito thought the event “was a fantastic opportunity.” “Networking with the top scholars, advocates and policymakers in the field allowed me to disseminate and promote my research and outreach agenda to key stakeholders,” he said. “I look forward to next year’s event and the chance to continue working with others to bring about a true public health policy for boys, men and their loved ones.”

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Rovito is a member of the Men’s Health Caucus of the American Public Health Association, which works to improve the health and well-being of men, boys and their families. He has collaborated on projects with members of the Men’s Health Network, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C., including the development of the first national policy agenda for men’s health in 2011. Rovito is also the founder and chairman of Men’s Health Initiative, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to promoting healthy behaviors among men while advancing the academic and scientific fields of men’s health.