After the races, the Knights honored former UCF rower Courtney Nelson Patterson with a plaque dedication and memorial ceremony. A boat was also named in Patterson’s honor.

The Knights’ second novice eight squad kicked off the day with a win over Alabama coming in at 8:42.9 with the Crimson Tide following at 8:56.1.

UCF raced both Miami and Alabama in the varsity eight event and kept up the winning streak. The Black and Gold finished in 7:36.6. Alabama placed second with a time of 7:42.9 and Miami came in third at 7:56.3

The novice eight squad came in second place just two seconds behind Alabama with a time of 8:10.2 to the Crimson Tide’s 8:08.5.

In the second varsity eight race, the Knights placed first in the Courtney Nelson Patterson boat at 8:02.5, 15 seconds ahead of Alabama, who finished in 8:17.5.

The second varsity four came in second place at 9:25.4, behind Alabama who placed first with 9:13.3. Miami came in third with 9:43.1.

The regatta ended with the Miami winning the varsity four race with a time of 8:24.4. UCF came in second place at 8:30.1 and Alabama placed third with 8:50.5.