UCF students can learn to swim and become scuba certified this spring at the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Lessons will be held in the new lap pool, a highlight of the Recreation and Wellness Center’s 65,000-square-foot expansion, which was completed in January.

Swimming lessons are free and will be taught by UCF-certified lifeguards. Lessons will be offered in three categories for new and experienced swimmers.

The beginner course is best for those with limited swimming experience who want to learn to be comfortable in the water. The intermediate class is for students with a basic knowledge of swimming who want to improve their techniques. The advanced class is recommended for students who want to perfect their strokes and build endurance.

Students must register by Friday, Feb. 18, and classes begin Monday, Feb. 21. Students are required to bring goggles and a towel to their lessons.

Click here to learn more about the swim lessons.

Scuba lessons will begin in the Recreation and Wellness Center’s Outdoor Adventure Center and lap pool. As the classes progress, students will apply their lessons during dives at Blue Grotto and Blue Herring Bridge.

Scuba certification will be taught by instructors from Ranger Rick SCUBA. Entry-level open water certification, advanced diving and enriched air lessons will be offered.

Students are responsible for bringing a mask, snorkel, wetsuit, fins and scuba booties to each lesson.

Click here to learn more about the different scuba certifications, pricing and sign-up deadlines.

To learn more visit the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center, go to http://rec.ucf.edu.