Commencement is a time to celebrate students and honor the time, energy and effort they’ve committed to earn a degree. Since we won’t be able to do that in person this fall, we’re asking for your help to make this year’s celebration as memorable as possible.

UCF is compiling a virtual graduation celebration video to share with this year’s graduating class. We’re calling it, Lead the Charge!, and we need your help.

We are asking alumni, faculty, staff, fellow students, family members, community leaders, corporate partners and friends of this semester’s graduates to record a short video message to share with our graduating Knights. This message can be for all Knights — or for those in specific colleges.

View the final project on UCF’s YouTube channel Dec. 19.

Instructions on Submitting a Video

Please follow the guidelines below.

In your recording, please respond to the following prompts:

  1. Tell us your name as well as your class year and major (if an alum), company and title (if a corporate partner) or connection to UCF. (I.e., Ima Knight, Class of 2000, communications major)
  2. Tell the graduating class why you’re so proud of them.
  3. Share advice on life after college and what you love about being a part of Knight nation.

Please remember to keep your message positive and uplifting.

When taking your video, please:

  • Record your video horizontally.
  • Keep your congratulations to 15 seconds or less.
  • Position yourself facing a window or outside. If there are bright lights on behind you, please turn them off.
  • Look into the lens.
  • Tap your face on the phone so the camera will focus and expose correctly for your face.
  • Leave a little room above your head and aim to include at least your head and shoulders in the frame.
  • Record somewhere with limited background noise, so we can hear you clearly.
  • If possible, or helpful, ask someone to hold the camera for you.
  • Be sure to wear black and gold and show your UCF pride!

Need some inspiration?

Check out some of the messages shared with the Spring 2020 grads: