The University of Central Florida partnered with the Education Advisory Board (EAB) nine months ago to further enhance student success, retention and graduation. On April 4, UCF successfully implemented the Student Success Collaborative Campus (SSC Campus) to a limited audience. This new predictive analytics platform enables advisors, faculty, and staff to see at a glance which students are in need of intervention, and have a broad set of communication features to transform insight into action and outcomes.

UCF seeks to increase the number of students attaining a degree or certificate, reduce the time to attain a degree, minimize the number of student credit hours per student, incorporate student success measures for specific academic markers through program review, and promote scholarly engagement with student success. More than 230 professional academic advisors and four pilot departments, Bio-Medical, Digital Media, Biology, and Criminal Justice have participated in training during phase one of the project.

According to DeLaine Priest, associate vice president for Student Development and Enrollment Services, the project is expected to move to Phase II this summer, in which tutor management, text messaging, alerts, cases, and progress reports will be piloted.

Phase III (Fall 2016) will involve the remaining academic programs and department advisors that were not included in Phase I. Additionally, campaigns and campus resource office will be implemented and target groups will be piloted. In the last phase, Phase IV (Spring 2017), faculty and students will be on-boarded.

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