From 1996-2003, Kotnour worked at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as part of his faculty fellowship, and his findings helped him craft his principles for his book. Based on his experiences Kotnour’s wrote Transforming Organizations, Strategies and Methods and looks at how NASA transformed its operations to meet the changing priorities of space travel and exploration.

As an engineering management specialist, Kotnour says transforming an organization needs commitment and strong leadership. It also requires a new way of doing business. He is currently using his writings to help KSC shift from the Space Shuttle program to Constellation program support.

Kotnour adds, that the model he describes in his book can be applied to all industries looking to change and improve. He hopes that he can help other organizations successfully transform by giving workshops on applying the strategies he has outlined.

Tim Kotnour, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems and Director of the Management Systems Performance Laboratory (MSPL) at UCF. He teaches project engineering, management information systems, and engineering management both on and off campus for industrial partners within Central Florida. He has provided project management education to organizations such as Kennedy Space Center, Cirent, Lockheed Martin and Fed-ex.