UCF Athletics and the Golden Knights Club (GKC) are pleased to announce the UCF Varsity Club, an arm of the GKC, which encompasses UCF letter award winners from all varsity sports. The organization selected its first set of officers, including president Lou Cioffi, vice president Tony Marlow and secretary/treasurer Alyssa O’Brien.

The purpose of the UCF Varsity Club is to provide a means for former UCF student-athletes to gather for events, to promote the interests and mission of UCF, to support the athletics programs of the UCF Athletics Association and to support the current UCF student-athletes.

Cioffi is a 1986 graduate of UCF who lettered in men’s soccer. As president, Cioffi will schedule, coordinate and preside at all Advisory Council meetings. He will also serve as the Varsity Club’s liaison to the UCF Athletics Association and GKC, initiate and oversee Varsity Club fundraising projects and communicate with members regarding activities and events.

“It is with great pleasure that I accept the honor of serving as the first president of the UCF Varsity Club,” said Cioffi. “My efforts will be directed towards drawing together members of the varsity sports, both past and present, as a family wherein we can work towards achieving the many goals of UCF Athletics. It is through this unity of past varsity leaders in sports that we can spread the word of achievement and excitement of our present-day athletes, which we ourselves have experienced.”

Any letter award winners wishing to find out more about the UCF Varsity Club can contact Maura Murphy in the GKC office at (407) 882-2871.