To all Knight fans:

We deeply value your strong support of the UCF Knights, and I feel it is important that you hear directly from me about the latest news concerning our Athletics Association.

It has been just over a week since the university took immediate action in response to the NCAA’s report about alleged infractions committed by several members of the UCF Athletics Association.

During this time, we started a comprehensive review of the Athletics Association. Our goals are to discover, analyze and fix program deficiencies and to help strengthen our commitment to compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.

President Hitt recently recorded this video update about the Knights, which I strongly encourage you to view at your earliest convenience.

I strongly echo President Hitt’s thoughts that our best days lie ahead, and I have been encouraged by the actions of the hard-working and dedicated staff members whom I have met during the past week.

I am proud that the staff is handling this difficult transition so well, with a sharp focus on what is best for our great university, our many student-athletes and our fervent fans. Working together, I am fully confident that we have the knowledge, focus and determination to rebuild an unwavering “culture of compliance” throughout the Athletics Association. We have some heavy lifting ahead, but we are moving forward.

We are truly committed to restoring the credibility and professional reputation of our Athletics program, earning the full confidence of our fans and supporters, and strengthening our relationships across the university and throughout the community. As we go forward, our goal remains the same: to operate a first-class Athletics program that makes you proud and is worthy of your support.

Warmest regards,

Al Harms
Interim Director of Athletics