Every two weeks the Tasneem Ibrahim, environment director Volunteer UCF, provides leadership to the Lake Claire Trail Clean-Up, student volunteers who give back to the UCF community and environment.

On the morning of June 25, a group from the College of Democrats came out and helped clean up trash from the trail. Not only does the group pick up litter, but is an opportunity to form friendships, observe and appreciate the beautiful vegetation and animals that inhabit the trail, and create memorable experiences.

“Many times, there are unusual findings throughout the path,” said Ibrahim. “This time, the group found a grill top intertwined with miscellaneous items and weighed about 30 pounds. We all joined together to dispose of the obscure item and by the time we were finished it was time to head back.”

Ibrahim continued to share his adventure, stating, “On our way out, there was a huge beehive that was blocking the exit. We attempted to find another way out until the bees moved in a different direction, finally allowing us to make our way back to the Lake Claire Pavilion.”

Volunteer Chelsea Aldrich exclaimed, “This is so much fun, I feel like I am on an episode of Survivor.”

VUCF is an agency of the Office of Student Involvement in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.