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On Campus: Summer 2015

Slideshow: Bike Week cycling events, Terry McMillan speaks at the UCF Book Festival, UCF Celebrates the Arts 2015 in downtown Orlando and Symphony Under the Stars moves inside.
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UCF Bike Week, March 2-5, featured 11 bike-related activities, including a bicycle flash mob, an outdoor spin class, a bike-share day, a triathlon primer and a trail ride at Lake Claire.

The goal of the events was to build a bike-friendly environment on the UCF campus and in the surrounding community by increasing awareness of cyclists and educating drivers about important safety issues.

Two bikes were given away, one to a randomly-selected student who participated in at least three events and another to a student based on need.

Terry McMillan, author of “Waiting to Exhale” and “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” was the keynote speaker at the annual UCF Book Festival.

In “The Interruption of Everything,” her sixth novel, McMillan writes about the foibles of family life, as well as the redeeming power of friendship.

UCF Celebrates the Arts 2015 showcased visual and performing arts for six days of performances and activities at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Orlando.

Students from the School of Visual Arts and Design presented works and displays from digital media, film, animations, games and studio arts, including a variety of tableaux vivant (“living pictures”).

The tableaux vivant presentations were the creations of art instructor Debi Starr Leitch’s 3-D Design classes, and featured a variety of artistic styles and historic movements.

Master works of art, including Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans, were displayed throughout the state-of-the-art facility.

“Through this celebration we are showing the community how much UCF values the arts and invests in the educational and artistic process.” — Jeff Moore, director of the School of Performing Arts.

The opening night of the festival brought together a multimedia collaboration of music, science and film to present Icarus at the Edge of Time,” narrated by actress Kate Mulgrew.

Before the performance of Icarus at the Edge of Time” at UCF Celebrates the Arts, physicist Brian Greene and actress Kate Mulgrew fielded questions during an on-campus interview.

On April 17, inclement weather forced a move indoors for the Symphony Under the Stars, the annual event that typically takes place at the Reflecting Pond.

Inside the Pegasus Ballroom, the performance by the UCF Symphony Orchestra took on a new dimension with a choreographed light show and dancers.

The program featured two pieces, Delibes’ Copp‌élia Suite and Franck’s Symphony in D-Minor, played without intermission under the direction of Arthur Pranno.

“Music is a form of communication, just as a language. It is capable of expressing an infinite amount of emotions.” — Arthur Pranno, director of orchestras.