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60s Morale Dance
Volunteer with Trophy in Confetti
Morale Dance Wide
Laying in Confetti
Group Gathered in Center of floor
Dance Lesson

Knight-Thon 2015

$688,049.19 That’s the amount raised by nearly 1,300 volunteers who stayed on their feet for 20 continuous hours to benefit Greater Orlando Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 
Dance Lesson
Jumping Volunteers
Kids on Stage with Volunteer
Kid with Headset
Kid posing with volunteers
Morale Dance on Stage

The 19th annual Knight-Thon event, which is one of the most popular fundraisers at UCF, supports the Greater Orlando Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, including UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and the Neonatal Care Unit of Winnie Palmer Hospital.

Student teams raised money throughout the year and came together on March 28 to celebrate their efforts and unite for the cause.

“Miracle Children” made appearances during the marathon — some of them even performing on stage.

The 22 “Miracle Children” inspired participants to keep standing by sharing their personal stories of hope.

The event has grown rapidly over the past 18 years. In 2011, Knight-Thon raised $84,640. In 2012, it climbed to $118,972. In 2013, it more than doubled to $258,554, and last year the tally jumped to $392,831. This year participants exceeded their goal of $500,000 in donations.

At the top of every hour, the Knight-Thon Morale Dancers revived volunteers by taking the stage and leading them in a choreographed dance.

The total raised by the 1,291 participants in attendance is the sixth-largest amount across all Children’s Miracle Network dance marathons this year.

Knight-Thon 2015 increased its annual donation by 57 percent from last year’s total of $392,831. Since it’s inception, the UCF event has raised more than $1.8 million.

“We started this year with an extremely ambitious goal and we have once again proven that this campus can come together and commit to a cause with all of their hearts.” — Drew Strochak, Knight-Thon executive director

“The amazing thing about Children’s Miracle Network is that most of the money is raised $1 at a time.” — Drew Strochak, Knight-Thon executive director

“You realize that although your feet may hurt, it’s nothing compared to what these kids go through every single day.” — Chris Hixon, Knight-Thon operations director