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Limitless Potential

Summer 2015

In April 12-year-old Wyatt Falardeau from Vero Beach, Florida, became the latest recipient of a robotic arm from Limbitless Solutions during a special behind-the-scenes experience organized by the nonprofit and Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando.

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When the team at Universal Orlando’s Blue Man Group learned that Wyatt is a huge fan, they conspired with Limbitless Solutions to mastermind the delivery of Wyatt’s arm in an unforgettable way.

The custom-designed 3-D printed arm was decorated in the iconic paint-splattered look of Wyatt’s favorite performers.

After the presentation, Wyatt enjoyed a special behind-the-scenes experience with the performers.

He played with the electronics and musical instruments, and ate lunch with the cast.

“We started out wanting to create a memorable experience for Wyatt, but in the end, I’m certain we are the ones who will never forget it. Limbitless Solutions is changing the world, and we’re honored to support them any way we can.” — Wes Day, Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando

“We are so excited to help build a generation of visionaries who use science to make a difference in the world around them.” —  John Sparkman, ’13, Limbitless Solutions director of research and development