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Is UCF giving students from PR and USVI Florida resident tuition?

UCF is offering a waiver of the out-of-state fees for spring 2019 for newly enrolled students from PR and the USVI.


I heard that I may be allowed to complete my fall semester at UCF. Is that true?

Unfortunately that is not true. Spring 2018 is the first term available to apply for admission at UCF.  The deadline to apply for this term is November 1, 2017.


How do I enroll at UCF?

In order to be considered for admission, you must apply to UCF through our online application. Select “mail in payment” to submit your application; the $30 application fee will be automatically waived for students from Puerto Rico and the USVI.


What do I do about obtaining transcripts, and test scores?

We understand that official transcripts may not be available at this time. Once you apply, you can submit your unofficial transcripts to for consideration. Unofficial transcripts are being considered on a case-by-case basis. Official transcripts will be required once they are available.

If you are a first time in college student or a transfer student who has completed less than 30 semester hours of credit, we must have an SAT or ACT score in order to consider you for admission. If you took an SAT or ACT previously, you can request to have your test scores sent to us via the College Board website or ACT website. If you did not take an SAT or ACT, our partner institution, Valencia College, may be a good option for you. They do not have the requirement of the SAT or ACT and are offering the waiver of the out-of-state fees for spring 2018. If you are interested in exploring the option of Valencia College and our Direct Connect to UCF guaranteed admission upon earning the AA degree, please visit their website.


Will all my credits transfer to UCF?

All credits submitted on official transcripts from other accredited institutions of higher education (meeting university transfer eligibility requirements) will transfer to UCF. Whether courses meet degree requirements will be determined prior to orientation. For information regarding degree requirements, please refer to our Undergraduate Catalog.


How much will it cost to attend UCF?

Tuition is charged based upon the number of credit hours in which you enroll. Please see our Office of Student Financial Assistance for more information.


Is Housing available for affected students?

Once a student is admitted to UCF, they may apply for on-campus housing, which may be limited for Spring 2018.  Students interested in on-campus housing options should contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life to inquire about availability and to obtain housing information upon their admission to the university.

UCF also partners with local housing communities and our Student Neighborhood Relations office can assist you in evaluating your housing options.


What do I do if I still have questions?

You may contact our toll-free assistance hotline at 855-903-8576.

NOTE:  If you are a CURRENT UCF STUDENT, or have ever attended UCF in the past, please contact the Registrar’s Office at
Due to the volume of inquiries received, please be patient as we assess your needs and respond to you inquiry. Please do not send multiple emails unless you have new information to share.