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We believe a college education should provide lifelong benefits — not lifelong debt. From scholarships and grants to student loans, there are many ways to pay for college. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Last year, 72 percent of undergraduate students at UCF received some form of financial aid, and 44 percent graduated with no educational debt. Nationally, only 34 percent of students graduate debt-free. Kiplinger consistently ranks a UCF education among the nation’s best values.

Financial Aid

The combination of financial aid plus scholarship funds can have a profound impact on your future success in and after college. Whether you’re interested in learning about scholarships, loans or personal finance, The Office of Student Financial Assistance has all the information you need.

Constellation Fund

UCF has dedicated $40 Million in scholarships and other institutional aid that supports student success, a strategic move that will help students graduate faster and with less debt. The Constellation Fund grew from President Dale Whittaker’s belief that that income should not be a predictor of a student’s ability to earn a college degree. To learn more about the Constellation Fund, visit our fact sheet.

Residency for Tuition Purposes

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions makes initial residency determinations for new incoming undergraduate applicants. For specific information regarding the state of Florida requirements for residency determination for tuition purposes, please refer to the Florida Board of Governors website.

view of downtown orlando buildings from lake eola park view of downtown orlando buildings from lake eola park

Estimated 2018-19
Annual Cost*

Florida Resident Costs

Fee Name Rate
Tuition and Fees $6,379
Room and Board $10,010
Books $1,200
Total $17,578

Non-Florida Resident Costs

Fee Name Rate
Tuition and Fees $22,478
Room and Board $10,010
Books $1,200
Total $33,688

*Based upon 30 credit hours, standard room and meal plan

Merit Scholarships

Seek out and apply for scholarships during your senior year of high school or during the months before you transfer to UCF from another college.

A2O, a scholarship application system, includes a comprehensive list of UCF scholarships available to students from individual colleges, departments and organizations. Complete a one-time application to be considered for over 100 different scholarships.

Additional online scholarships can be found through search engines such as Fastweb.

Additionally, UCF offers a variety of merit-based scholarships over four years that range from:

  • $4,000 to $30,000 for Florida residents
  • $30,000 to $42,000 for non-Florida residents

Here are some awards we have available:

Freshman Pegasus Awards

If you’re applying as a high school student for the summer or fall semester, you will automatically be considered for a UCF Pegasus Scholarship or another admission award. The selection process is competitive, as fewer than 25 percent of our students receive an offer. If we offer you a scholarship, we will contact you by mail and through your myUCF account.

Learn more about the Pegasus awards

*Admitted students must be classified as Florida or non-Florida residents for tuition purposes prior to the Scholarship Committee considering them for freshman scholarships. Students with a residency status marked “Pending” will not be considered.

Freshman Provost Award

One of our most prestigious scholarships, the Provost Award is offered to Florida residents with outstanding academic credentials. High school seniors applying as incoming freshmen for the summer or fall semester will be considered for this award. Awarded to less than 10 percent of the entering freshman class, this award also includes priority consideration for admission to The Burnett Honors College upon completion of the Honors application.

Learn more about Freshman Provost award.

*Admitted students must be classified as Florida or non-Florida residents for tuition purposes prior to the Scholarship Committee considering them for freshman scholarships. Students with a residency status marked “Pending” will not be considered.

National Merit and National Hispanic Awards

UCF is ranked among the top 30 colleges in the nation — 11th among public universities — and second in Florida for its number of enrolled National Merit Scholars. Our top-notch academic programs, competitive scholarship packages and exciting location attract some of the most talented and accomplished students from across the nation.

Students designated as a National Merit Scholar or National Hispanic Scholar should contact the staff of The Scholars Program via email at or call 407-823-6179.

Learn more about the National Merit Scholar awards. Learn more about the National Hispanic Scholar awards.

Transfer Scholarship Awards

If you are applying to UCF with an A.A. degree from a Florida public community or state college, you may be eligible to apply for a 2019 UCF Transfer Scholarship. To be considered, you must:

  • Apply for and be offered admission to UCF for the Fall 2019 term by April 1, 2019
  • Submit the UCF Transfer Scholarship Application by April 15, 2019
  • Transfer to UCF with an A.A. degree from a Florida public community or state college during the Fall 2019 semester
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 by the scholarship application deadline
  • Enroll at UCF full time for the Fall 2019 semester

Qualified applicants can receive the UCF Transfer Scholarship only once. Dual enrollment students earning an A.A. degree and a high school diploma at the same time do not qualify for this scholarship, but they will be considered automatically for a UCF freshman scholarship based upon their academic credentials.

Download the Transfer Scholarship application.

All-Florida Academic Team Scholarship (AFAT)

UCF offers two AFAT awards depending on a student’s team designation as determined by the Florida Department of Education and Phi Theta Kappa (PTK).

To confirm your AFAT eligibility, please review the list published by PTK and locate your team and name; the list will be available mid-March. (If you’re not listed as a team member, you are ineligible for these awards.) Once your status is confirmed, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator at Make sure to adhere to the following criteria:

  • This award is contingent upon successful completion of an A.A. degree from a Florida public community college or state college with a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA and your initial first-time enrollment at UCF for the Fall 2019 semester. Once awarded, this scholarship is subject to renewal each year.
  • You must be designated an All-Florida Academic Team Member.
  • You must complete an Undergraduate Admissions application and be offered admission to UCF by July 1, 2019.
  • You must begin full-time enrollment at UCF beginning in Fall 2019.
  • The Office of Student Financial Assistance must receive the completed results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by May 1, 2019.
  • You must accept your scholarship online through myUCF by August 5, 2019.
  • You may only receive one scholarship from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Scholarship Tips

  1. Get started early. The application cycle for many of these awards begins one year or more in advance of college enrollment.
  2. Check deadlines and write down when notifications will be made.
  3. Confirm your residency status. Students with residency status for tuition purposes marked “Pending” will not be considered for merit scholarships.
  4. Apply for scholarships and awards through the A20 Scholarship Listing.
  5. Search for scholarships annually. Award availability may vary. Once you receive an award, find out if it’s renewable and follow the renewal guidelines.
  6. Learn as much as you can about as many awards as possible.
  7. Follow up. Keep copies of all correspondence.
image of ucf campus building: harris corporation engineering center image of ucf campus building: harris corporation engineering center

Out-of-State and Other
Tuition Waivers

There are a number of waivers that the university offers that may apply to you. Please check with the Office of Student Financial Assistance for information on eligibility and requirements for Out-of-State Waivers.

Information on other benefits is available through UCF Student Account Services or the UCF Veterans Academic Resource Center.

Please Note: Eligible students must apply for the out-of-state waiver by the first day of classes.

UCF Colleges and Departmental Scholarships

Many colleges and departments offer scholarships specific to an area of specialization to students. Listed below are links to the various colleges on campus with scholarship listings.

College/Department Phone Number
College of Business 407-823-2181
College of Arts and Humanities 407-823-2251
College of Community Innovation and Education 407-823-3723
The Burnett Honors College 407-823-2076
College of Engineering and Computer Science 407-823-2455
UCF Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving Scholarships 407-823-ALUM
College of Health Professions and Sciences 407-823-0171
Transfer and Transition Services 407-823-5959
Rosen College of Hospitality Management 407-903-8175
Multicultural Academic and Support Services 407-823-2716
College of Sciences 407-823-1997
Student Accessibility Services 407-823-2371
College of Nursing 407-823-2744
Global Perspectives 407-823-0688
UCF Abroad 407-823-2300
College of Graduate Studies 407-823-2766
CREOL, College of Optics and Photonics 407-823-6800