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As an Early Admission Student, you’ll want to start planning for your transition to UCF right away. Here is a list of next steps to help make your first days at UCF easier. Keep this document and refer to it throughout the enrollment process.


You must enroll for the term indicated on your admission letter. If you do not register for your original admission term, your classes will be dropped for subsequent terms and your admission revoked. If you wish to change your term of application, you must re-apply for admission through your Future Knight Portal.
Check your admission letter for the accuracy of your name, entrance term, address and major. Address, telephone and email changes can be made through myUCF. All other changes must be submitted via email to the Ofce of Undergraduate Admissions at


You must create an account to access the myUCF Portal. MyUCF is where you will register for classes and complete other necessary steps to enroll at UCF.
To create a myUCF account, visit and click “SIGN IN TO MYUCF.” You will need to obtain an NID if you do not already know it. The NID will be your username for myUCF. Click “Look up your UCF NID username.” Your frst and last name and email address must be entered exactly as it appears on your application for admission. Once you have your NID, return to the login page to sign in. You should remember and protect your NID and NID password as you would a Social Security number.


Prior to registering for classes, you must upload a completed immunization form to UCF Student Health Services. The immunization policy and form may be downloaded from


Your academic advisor from the college of your intended major will be in contact with you shortly with information on course selection and registration. They will also have information on your book vouchers.


Submit all ofcial AP, IB, AICE or CLEP scores and/or dual enrollment transcripts from all other institutions where college level credit has been earned. Failure to do so may restrict your ability to register for courses with prerequisites.


If you plan to park a vehicle on campus, you must purchase a parking permit at You are responsible for paying the parking permit fee.


Once you are registered for courses, obtain a UCF Student ID from Card Services. For more information go to


The foreign language admission requirement consists of demonstration of competency in a foreign language or American Sign Language equivalent to the second high school level or the post-secondary elementary 2 level. If you have not met this requirement, you will be required to do so prior to graduation from UCF.
There may be additional foreign language graduation requirements for individual majors. Please contact the department of your major for details.


Failure to provide final official transcripts and test scores will result in a hold being placed on your account. These holds will affect your ability to adjust your schedule, register for future terms, receive grades or have transcripts sent to other institutions. These holds will also delay the disbursement of financial aid.