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After Receiving an Offer of Admission


You must enroll for the term indicated on your admission letter. If you do not register for your original admission term, your classes will be dropped for subsequent terms and your admission revoked.
Check your admission letter for the accuracy of your name, entrance term, address and major. Address, telephone and email changes can be made on myUCF. All other changes must be submitted via email to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at If you wish to change your term of application, you must submit a new application and fee through your Future Knight Portal.


You must create an account to access the myUCF Portal. MyUCF is where you will review your financial aid summary, update personal information, register for classes, view and pay your tuition and fee invoice, and complete other necessary steps to enroll at UCF. To create a myUCF account, visit and click “SIGN IN TO MYUCF.” You will need to obtain an NID if you do not already know it. The NID will be your username for myUCF. Click “Look up your UCF NID username.” Your first and last
name and email address must be entered exactly as it appears on your application for admission. Once you have your NID, return to the login page to sign in. You should remember and protect your NID and NID password as you would a Social Security number.


Every new student is required to attend Orientation. For more information about our mandatory orientation, please visit


Prior to orientation, you must contact UCF Health Services at 407-823-3707.


Students who indicate claiming Florida residency for tuition purposes on their application will have the Residency Declaration Form on their Future Knight Portal checklist. Complete the Residency Declaration Form on your Future Knight Portal checklist. Once you register for classes, access your fee invoice in myUCF and ensure that the appropriate tuition and fees are assessed.


Financial aid is available to students who have been offered admission, fled the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), classified as a degree-seeking student, have enrolled in at least one UCF class for the term they have been admitted and met all other eligibility requirements. If your first term of enrollment at UCF is the summer term, you must first complete the prior year’s FAFSA in order to receive financial aid for that term.
If you are a financial aid recipient, your eligibility is based, in part, upon the assumption that you have met the admission contingencies specified in your admission letter. If it is later determined that you failed to meet an admission contingency, you will no longer be eligible for financial aid and it will be canceled. In addition, you will be responsible for repaying any financial aid disbursed to you.
Visit to begin the FAFSA fling process. If you have questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 407-823-2827. You can also schedule an appointment by visiting

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Excited to see UCF for yourself? We’re excited, too. Touring campus is an important part of discovering why we’re the best school for you. And we’ve made it more convenient than ever with in-person, livestreamed and self-guided tour options. Whichever campus tour you choose, we look forward to showing you what it’s like to be a Knight.

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A copy of your official final transcripts from each institution attended is required no later than six days after the semester begins. If you satisfied the foreign language requirement in high school, a copy of your official final high school transcript must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The status of these transcripts is available at your Future Knight Portal. Failure to provide final transcripts will jeopardize your ability to adjust your schedule, register for future terms, receive grades or have transcripts sent to other institutions.
Failure to provide final transcripts to UCF may also delay the disbursement of financial aid. Failure to meet all admission criteria will result in a change in your eligibility for financial aid. Your admission is contingent upon your successful completion of all coursework at a level consistent with that at the time of admission. Your enrollment is not complete until all official final transcripts and test scores are on file in our office.


For students coming to UCF with transfer credit, college-level coursework from other accredited institutions of higher education (meeting university transfer eligibility requirements) will transfer. However, all your credits may not meet the specific requirements of your degree program. The department of your major will determine how these credits will be used and applied toward your degree.
UCF currently uses a plus/minus system in calculating a grade point average for transferred coursework. In addition, grade forgiveness is only honored if it has been awarded in conjunction with an A.A. or statewide articulated A.S. degree from a Florida public community college, state college or university.
All incoming courses will be reviewed for UCF equivalency once you are admitted. The Transfer Credit Evaluation, located in your myUCF portal (click “Student Self Service” > “Other Academic”) will list all courses received at the time of admission as well as any associated UCF equivalencies. For courses without a UCF equivalent, you will have the opportunity to upload a syllabus and the course will be evaluated. You will have limited time to submit syllabi if needed, so you should review the Transfer Credit Evaluation in myUCF at your earliest convenience.


If you have taken AP, IB, AICE or CLEP exams, you must have ofcial score reports sent to the Ofce of Undergraduate Admissions.


The foreign language admission requirement consists of demonstrating competency of a foreign language or American Sign Language (ASL) equivalent to the second high school level or higher or at the elementary 2 level or higher. If you have not met this requirement, you will be required to do so prior to graduation from UCF. If you satisfied this requirement in high school, you must submit an official high school transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
There may be additional foreign language graduation requirements for individual majors. Please contact the department of your major for details.


Failure to provide final transcripts, official test scores or residency documentation will result in a hold being placed on your account in myUCF. These holds will affect your ability to adjust your schedule, register for future terms, receive grades or have transcripts sent to other institutions. These holds will also delay the disbursement of financial aid.