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In an effort to reduce inequities and inconsistencies in how Top 10 Knights were identified, the initiative was discontinued in June 2023, effective for all subsequent first-year application cycles.

In recent years, some Florida high schools and/or districts changed the way class rank is calculated and reported, making it difficult to accurately evaluate and determine students for Top 10 Knights qualification.

UCF remains committed to a holistic application review process that includes consideration of course selection, curriculum, rigor, grade point average, test score(s), and other subjective factors. When accurately reported, class rank will be a consideration, however, unranked students will not be disadvantaged in the admission review process.

All students, regardless of placement within their graduating class, are encouraged to submit an application to UCF within the first two months their senior year. The timing of your application remains one of the most consequential factors in being offered admission to UCF.