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Known as the “grandparent tuition waiver,” out-of-state students who earn a designated SAT, ACT or CLT score and meet other requirements set forth by the Florida Board of Governors may be eligible to have UCF’s out-of-state tuition fees waived if they have a grandparent who legally resides in Florida.

The waiver would apply to 110% of a degree program’s required credit hours. Waivers awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, including the Grandparent Waiver, may not be combined with other admissions merit-based scholarships.

The Grandparent Waiver Instructions and Application form is available on the Forms Website.

NOTE: Recipients of the Grandparent Waiver must submit a $200 Enrollment Deposit by the May 1 deposit deadline. Since UCF has a limited number of waivers to award, students who do not submit a $200 Enrollment Deposit by the deadline may have their Grandparent Waiver revoked.